Are you thinking of starting a business? That can be a little scary, even if you have operated a business in the past.  But don’t let fear hold you back.  A business of your own can potentially provide you with amazing financial security.

Here are 9 tips on how to be successful in a business:

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Never quit your day job until you know the income being generated from your business can sustain you. Work your business during the hours you are not on the job.

Before you quit your day job, set aside money in a savings account that can cover your expenses for a year or more.

When you quit your day job, do so in a professional manner.  Give at least a 2-week notice.  Never leave on bad terms. You may need to return to that company in the future or need a reference from them.

Keep Your Attitude In Check.

We all berate ourselves mentally, but you need to stop that right now!  Erase those negative thoughts immediately.  One of my favorite quotes is “If you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” That quote is so true.  Eventually, you start to accept whatever you are feeding your brain. The more negativity you feed your brain, the more negative and fearful you become. The more positivity you feed your brain, the more confident and productive you become.

9 TIPS ON HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN A BUSINESSDon’t Think About A Previous Business Failure.

Like many of us, you have probably tried several business opportunities and failed. You are probably telling yourself that whatever you’re considering now will be like all the rest. You immediately think it’s not going to work. Instead, remind yourself that this is a new opportunity and that you will go in with an open mind. You are not doomed by past mistakes.  Those were all learning experiences. Every day gives you an opportunity to become better than your old self.

Ignore What Others Think.

If you feel you have to share what you are doing with others, ignore the naysayers as much as possible.  There are millions of businesses out there.  All of them had to start somewhere. Some became successful. Some didn’t. You will never know what could have been with your business until you try it and give it your all. At the beginning, you may want to keep your business a secret from your friends.

Don’t Be Afraid of Learning New Things.

Learning new material and technology can sometimes be intimidating. Don’t let it stop you. If you commit yourself to learning, you can do it. If you need to, take your time. Do it slowly.

Don’t Ignore Your Business.

Don’t expect your business to grow overnight. You will need to work it every single day. Don’t quit because you aren’t seeing results right away. Results will not happen immediately. Be patient. Some businesses take years to become successful.

Celebrate Your Success.

Pat yourself on the back when you experience small successes along the way.  Write them down too.  This will help keep you moving forward.

Create Goals.

Write down how much money you want to make and by what date. Also, write down the steps you need to take daily to achieve your goals. Read your goals often.

Be Kind to Your Customers.

Unfortunately, there will be times when you’ll have angry customers. Don’t let them break your spirit. Try to stay calm and understanding.  Most likely, they have had a bad day, but you just happen to be the one they’re taking it out on.

Learn As Much As You Can About Running a Business.

Before you invest your hard-earned money into starting a business, do your research. Learn as much as you can about operating and starting a business.  You can search online to find tons of information about running a business, and get information about your industry. If you are considering an online business, I would suggest you check out this free starter membership.

Best wishes to you.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


  1. Concise and to the point. Great tips to anyone thinking about starting an online biz. I know what you mean about the naysayers and we all have them but one needs to look at the big picture and focus on that goal that sparked that interest to look into an online venture.

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