Avoid Check Scams.

If someone sends you a check promising you employment or sends a check saying you have won money, DON’T CASH IT! It’s most likely a scam. However, you can ask your bank to verify the check is authentic or not. If you deposit it and it doesn’t go through, you could end up owing money to the bank.

Avoid Phone Scams.

If someone calls you stating you owe money to the IRS, it’s a scam.  Hang up. The IRS will not call you about money you owe. The IRS will notify you by mail when you owe money. You can call the IRS yourself to find out if there are any payments due.

If someone notifies you by phone there is a warrant for your arrest, or that you owe money for a ticket and must pay now, that is also a scam. If there is a warrant for your arrest, the police will show up at your door. They won’t bother to call you.

Avoid Email Scams.

If someone calls or sends you a link saying that you have been pre-approved for a loan, a scholarship, etc. That is most likely a scam. Do not click on the links.

Emails appearing to be from a bank asking you to update your contact information should also be avoided. Do not click on the links. Call your bank or go directly to your bank’s website by typing the web address yourself.  Do not click on the links in the email.

If an email address does not have a company name or there are misspelled words, no phone number, or just doesn’t feel right, it is most likely a scam.  Don’t click on the links.

Dating Scams

If you meet someone through a dating site who claims to be in love with you very soon after having conversations with you, be very careful.  Most likely this person is trying to get you to fall for them in order for them to later con you into sending them money. They will, most likely, send you a picture of someone other than themselves. They will claim they are unable to meet you due to being in the military or due to working or residing in an area that is far from you.

Do Your Research.

There is no way to totally avoid scams. However, you can do your best to avoid them by doing some research.  You can visit www.bbb.org (The Better Business Bureau) to look up companies and web addresses. Also, do a Google search on names and email addresses of companies and people to get information.  Don’t just look at the first page of the search results, keep scrolling.  If something doesn’t feel right, follow your instincts.

Your Comments Are Appreciated.

If there are any scams you would like to make us all aware of, please share them in the “Comments” section below.  Thank you.

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