Can I Make Money Blogging


Many people have asked me if they can make money blogging. That is a great question. And yes, you can make money blogging. In recent years, blogging as a career has become very popular. Many businesses now maintain a blog on their websites.

My guess is that with the popularity of the internet, blogging has gained notoriety. Most people spend hours on the internet daily. Advertisers had to think of clever ways to reach their audience. Where is their audience? Their audience is on the internet.

Also, consistent blogging can help boost traffic to a company’s website.

What is Blogging.

A blog is an online platform where you can write about and discuss various topics. Most bloggers will decide on a particular niche and write about interesting things within that niche. Some bloggers may specialize in topics like fashion, some about cars, dieting, etc. The number of topics possible is endless.

Can I Make Money Blogging

How Does A Person Make Money Blogging?

As a blogger, you can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you place affiliate links related to your niche on your website. If someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you can earn a commission.

Ebay has a free affiliate marketing program and so does Amazon. Also, you can apply for a free Google Adsense account.

In fact, there are many free affiliate marketing programs available online. This benefits the merchant because you are not an employee. You are an independent contractor. You are posting their links for free. You get paid a commission only if a sale is made through the affiliate links that appear on your website. Many of these companies have programs in place to track the activities of your links and ensure that you get paid.

If you visit a news or entertainment website, you are often visiting a blog.  Every day new articles (also known as posts) are added to these blogs. On these websites you will see ads.

If a website is really popular, companies will sometimes pay to have their ads displayed.

By the way, some affiliate marketers are also referred to as Influencers.

How Do I Get Started Blogging?

There are many articles online that pertain to this topic. The company I like (see the video below) has been in existence since 2005. They allow you to learn at your own pace, and they offer a free starter membership.

Creating a blog can be done very easily. There are various training videos available. You will learn how to create your blog, research keywords, create images, promote and so much more.

Don’t feel intimidated. Creating a blog can be fun. You don’t need programming experience. If you have questions while going through the training below or just need a little motivation, there are bloggers and experts available. If needed, you can always communicate with them online for help and support.

Create a Website In Under 30 Seconds:

Can I Make Money Blogging


  1. Yes, absolutely we can make money from blogging. I can say that because my full time earning is from blogging. It takes time at starting but when you start to make money, then your earnings will be kept on increasing day by day.

  2. Making money on the internet is easy, but it also isn’t going to happen overnight.

    With the proper train, you can definitely speed up the process, but it will still take a little bit.

    The best part is that once that bird get airborne, you will definitely have your ticket for life.

  3. Great Question, for the online seeker of ways to make money online. I love to transcribe my thoughts and to know that I can monetize my content so easily is the best part.

    Thank you for this post.

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