Are you considering a career in accounting?  Here is an example of some of the tasks an accountant could be involved in.  The actual duties could vary from one company to the next.


Accounting Responsibilities

Accountants help businesses keep track of their assets and liabilities;

They prepare financial statements and handle tax preparations;

They determine companies’ financial strength;

They could be involved with budgeting;

They could be involved with collections;

They could assist with mergers and acquisitions;

They could be involved in capital planning;

They could do auditing and management accounting; and

They could prepare financial statements, etc.



An accounting career could be a very stable profession. Every business needs someone to assist with financial matters. Some companies will break up the duties. There could be an Accounts Payable Person (reviews invoices and expenses), an Accounts Receivable Person (handles money owed to the company), a Collector, a Staff Accountant, a Controller, etc.

If you choose accounting as a career, you should be good with numbers and detail oriented.


Getting Started

Check with your local City or Community College to explore what accounting courses are available.

Check with Employment agencies too. They can let you know what their clients generally look for.



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