The more you learn, the more you can possibly earn.  Take the time to broaden your knowledge and skills by learning as much as you can.

Continuous learning can boost your knowledge, boost your self-confidence, make you more marketable, or allow you to qualify for a promotion with your current employer.

I believe there is one thing truly certain about education – – it is not a waste of time.  We all want to be the best we can be.  To achieve this goal, continuous education is essential. This can be done by daily reading and by taking classes.

You will find companies on this page that offer flexible, free, and low-cost online courses.  Some of the courses are made available by Major Universities and Specialist Organizations.

Below is a list of some of the courses that may be available at this time.   Some online courses offer certificate and diploma programs.

Among the huge number of courses available, many are free.

Check out the websites below to explore your options.

Online Courses

Skillshare – Logo designs, social media marketing, music mixing, drawing, lettering, etc. Taught by practitioners.  More than 10,000 classes.

Codecademy – Coding classes in Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Sass, HTML, CSS, etc.

Future Learn – Business, Tech & Coding, Teaching, Management, Law, History, etc. Hundreds of classes.

Udemy – Classes for as little as $10.  Web Design, Photoshop, Drawing, SQL, Python, HTML, etc.  Over 55,000 courses.

Khan Academy – Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Science, Engineering, Computing, Accounting, History, SAT, GMAT, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, etc.

Coursera – Infographics, Script Writing, Teaching English, Grammar, English for Business, Reasoning, Financial Planning, SEO, Making an App, etc.  No application required.  Over 2,000 courses.

Class Central – Personal Development, Programming, Computer Science, Health & Medicine, Mathematics, Humanities, Engineering, Education, Art & Design, etc.  Certificate programs are available.

Udacity – Virtual reality, introduction to self-driving cars, introduction to programming, robotics, developing android apps, marketing, etc.

Alison – Marketing, Technology, Science, Business, Math, Health, online typing classes, etc.   Diploma courses available.

Open Culture – Archeology, architecture, art history, design, economics, geography, film, food, literature, philosophy, etc.  In addition to free online courses, they have movies available (classics, documentaries, film noir, etc.)


  1. I love online courses and classes. It’s a great way to gain new knowledge and acquire valuable skills that will help you find a job or progress in your career. I’ve completed a couple of Coursera classes and some courses on edX (also a great resource that offers a variety of free courses). I’ll check out the other websites as well. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad to hear that you have taken classes with Coursera and edX. It’s nice to have so many options. Thank you.

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