Do You Want To Be A Loan Signing Agent or Notary?


A Loan Signing Agent or Notary (also referred to as a Notary Public) is a person who acts as an impartial witness for signatures that may be required on bank documents, grant deeds, marriage or divorce documents, birth certificates, etc.   Notary Publics witness the signatures of various important documents.  Loan Signing Agents primarily obtain signatures for just real estate and/or mortgage companies.


The witnessing done by Loan Signing Agents and Notary Publics helps to reduce incidents of fraud.  The Agent will ask for various identification to make certain that the person signing the documents is really the person named in the documents.  Loan Signing Agents and Notary Publics must be very reliable and professional.


Getting Started


 To become a notary or Loan Signing Agent, you may have to attend classes and take a State exam.  You can check with the National Notary Association.  Or do a Google search to check the requirements in your State.  Also, check to see if there are online courses.


Income Potential


A Notary Public who becomes a Mortgage Loan Signing Agent could earn from $50 to $125 per appointment for witnessing documents.  Check with the mortgage or loan company you hope to represent.

As an Independent Loan Signing Agent or Notary Public Agent, you have the option of working for yourself.  After you have obtained all of what is required by your State to operate, you can promote yourself with business cards, classified ads, etc.  You will be able to work the hours that you choose.  As a Independent Loan Signing Agent, you can decide what you will charge the mortgage companies for each appointment.  As a Notary Public, there may be a set rate for what you can charge.  This is something that you would also check in your State.



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