Here are interview questions and suggestions on how to respond to them. You should be prepared to answer questions of this sort before you meet with a potential employer. Remember to keep your answers as brief as possible.

You can do research online to find other possible interview questions and suggestions on how to respond.


Possible Interview Questions:

Tell me about yourself.  (Briefly describe your job history, reliability, personality, etc.)

How did you find out about this position? (Friend, internet, etc.)

Why do you feel you would be great working from home? (Talk about your strengths – reliability, skills, etc.)

What would your former boss or co-workers say about you? (Share the positive things people would say about your quality of work, reliability, positive attitude, etc.)

What do you know about our company? (Share briefly the positive things you have learned about the company from their website, from a friend, etc.)

Why should we hire you? (Discuss your strengths.)

Why are you looking for a new job?  (I was laid off; I’m ready for a new challenge, etc. Never say anything negative about your current or previous employer.)

Why do you want to work here? (Share something positive you like about the company or the position.)

Where do you see yourself in five years? (This can be a tough one to answer.  If you are not interviewing for a management role, don’t say you see yourself in management.  You can say something like “I see myself working here as a great contributor and valued employee.”)

What is your greatest strength? (Mention a skill or great personality trait.)

What is your greatest weakness?  (Turn a negative into a positive.  For example, “I can be hard on myself when I make a mistake.”)

Tell me about a difficult experience you’ve had at work and how you handled it. (One suggestion for this is to share an experience you may have encountered with an unhappy customer and how you were able to turn the situation around.)

Do you have any questions? (I suggest you have at least two questions.  In the first interview, I would not ask about the income.  However, I would ask about the benefits and company culture. Also, I would ask what a typical day would look like in the position and what the expectations would be.)

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